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위긴스 사용법을 완벽히 전수한 톰 티보듀 감독
2020-08-02 20:01:53

We had just traded for Andrew Wiggins and he was really helpful,’’ Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr, said.

“I had a long conversation with Tom Thibodeau about Andrew Wiggins. He gave me some good advice on ways to connect with Andrew, how much he enjoyed coaching him and why. We’ve gotten to know each other over the years. [Thibodeau has] been very helpful to us.

“He showed some X’s and O’s and went over some actions they ran for [Wiggins]. Some of the things they were trying to do. The thing with Tom is he’s a workaholic, loves the X’s and O’s, loves breaking down film and takes great joy in it. Our staff values his opinion.

“What is apparent is he and Andrew had a great relationship and Andrew said that as well,” the Warriors coach continued. “I know Andrew told me he really enjoyed playing for him and appreciated his commitment. When a coach knows his stuff and gets along with his players, he’s got a great chance to succeed. I think Tom’s got a great shot.”

닉스의 티보듀 감독이 스티브 커를 만나서 위긴스의 장단점을 완벽히 전수했다고 하네요. 위긴스와 티보듀는 각별한 관계였다고 합니다.

2020-08-02 20:04:02

Xs Os는 무슨 뜻일까요?

2020-08-02 20:06:28

35분 이하는 X
40분 이상은 O

2020-08-02 22:04:52

정말 간단하게
X 안좋은것들
O 좋은것들

Updated at 2020-08-02 23:00:27

X's and O's 농구 전술을 의미합니다. X는 수비자, O는 공격자를 나타내고 그걸 도판 위에 전술 설명을 그린 게 X's and O's 입니다.

Updated at 2020-08-02 23:22:44

xs와 os를 사랑한다고 하니
아이폰 쓰나봐요

2020-08-02 20:15:28

2020-08-02 20:25:37

2020-08-02 20:44:59

우리 위긴스는요... 조금 뛰면 잘...못해요. 그러니까 겁나게 굴려주세요. 또 정말 잘 웃어서 상대방 기분 나쁘게 할 수 있으니 성격 불같은 보디가드를 놔주시면 좋을거에요. 그리고 마음이 여린 아이니까 잘 보듬어주세요.

2020-08-02 21:40:53

엽기적인 위기

2020-08-02 23:04:00

???:40분씩 굴려도 헤헤 거리면서 잘 뛰더라

2020-08-02 23:37:34

위긴스 팬들은 부정적이겠지만
티보듀 1년차에 위긴스를 엄청 푸싱하긴 했습니다.

다만 결과가 별로고 플옵은 가야겠고 하니 버틀러를 콜하고 위닝 모드로 간 것이죠.

만약 커가 위긴스의 성장과 승리를 동시에 쟁취한다면 저에게 정말 대단한 감독으로 보여질 겁니다.

듀란스 시절 우승하는 것 보다 더 어려울지도 몰라요.

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